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The "Whaleness" Loft

A healing energy loft near the dome

The Whale Totem represents a connection between earth and the watery depths that inhabit most of the world. It is a connection of the earthly plane to the spiritual that waves through existence and brings life. Whale symbolism is that of empathy, compassion, and divine knowing. Whales represent the healers. Their songs are connected to the sound of "OM" and send waves of meditative healing into the watery tissues and organs of the land and people. Call upon the whale to enhance your own inner healer and swim to the depths of life.

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Experience the loft

At the Energy Loft, we utilize many healing modalities within the energetic sciences including sound therapy, organic facials, reflexology, guided meditations, past life regression, hypnosis, grief counseling, energetic clearing, yoga, breath work, and more depending on your specific needs. 

Directly message us at to set up an appointment. Be sure to include your needs and intention for the session. We will be happy to help you find the perfect plan to amplify your healing process and expand on your intuitive development.

Meet The Team

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