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Passionate About Inspiring Others

This is an invitation to join us on a lifelong journey into the art of living intuitively. Deeply rooted in the ancient sciences, our retreats provide tools to help you communicate your best life. We use yoga, meditation, spiritual + life coaching, mediumship, psychic guidance, sound baths and more to help you transform and connect deeper to your truth.

To grow your labor into beautiful fruit, you must nurture your roots.


We want to help you understand the legend of greater things through learning powerful transformational tools that are rooted in the depths of our collective soul’s ancient knowledge. We seek to help you uncover these power packed bundles of truth that can guide you through the darkest of times and brighten the most light-filled days. This is transformation through truth, art, and science.

Light Tribe: Be light. Spread Light. Grow Light.

The firefly represents who we are underneath all of the masks we layer. It is our core intentions, the way we shine from the inside out. We attract beauty by the light we allow in our lives and grow our soul by choosing to shine even when the light is hard to find. Darkness is not working against you. It is providing a beautiful landscape for you to grow into your truth. 

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