The Legend of Greater Things
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Gallery reading At Arkansas Yoga COllective

May 24th, 2019


the beginning of a lifelong journey

Experience The Legend of Greater Things

We are inviting you to join us on a lifelong journey into the art of living intuitively. Our retreats provide tools to help you communicate your best life.. Find out more


Schedule of Events

Workshops, Yoga, Meditation, & More

Deeply rooted in the ancient sciences, our retreats provide tools to help you communicate your best life. We use yoga, meditation, spiritual + life coaching, mediumship, psychic guidance, sound baths and more to help you transform and connect deeper to your truth.


Yoga + meditation 




CLeansing sound baths


psychic and mediumship guidance 


guided support

Products we love

Tools for Transformation

A handpicked selection of products that we support and love. The journey begins with you. These tools can help jumpstart your journey and provide support as you grow. See the full list here.


inspiring books

Shop our selection of inspiring books to help you along your transformation journey. Featured is The Other Side of Normal by one of our founders, internationally known psychic, medium, spiritual coach, and author, Bonni McCliss. Bonni provides guidelines for living intuitively and creating your best life. 


cleansing herbs 

Review the tools we use to help keep our energy clear of anything not serving us for the higher good. Clear space opens room for manifesting your dreams. Featuring products from Kind Folke, which infuses powerful oils and organic herbs into clean, pure products. 


charging tools

We all use and support VitaJuwel's water bottles, which conveniently allows you to charge your daily drinking water with transformational crystals. You can pick from a variety of stones to help personalize your journey. Don't just hydrate, recharge your entire being. 


healing massage

Part of a healthy routine involves deep self-care and restorative acts of love. That is why we recommend you incorporate an organic muscle rub, such as Kind Folke's Fire Pool of Stars Muscle Rub, into your self-care routine to help heal, relax, and rejuvenate tired muscles. 



upcoming retreat Location

Hot Springs, Arkansas


Our upcoming Spring retreat will take place outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas on a crystal grid and historically recognized American Indian site. Please join us mid September as we prepare to harness the powerful energy of the Equinox with two great weekends of meditations, workshops, and much more on this beautiful sacred land. 

If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you are connected to everything.
— Alan Watts